About Us

About Us

Professional and Expert Solar & Security System Contractor

We are creating a secure, safe, and advanced tech world where technology will serve as a blessing instead of a curse.

We do this by training and employing tech experts who can be access control installers to help solve our customer’s tech problems. We do this by learning and understanding our client’s unique technological needs. We do this by bringing our clients the most effective and efficient technology products (access control technologies, door access control, and access control security systems) and services (installing access control systems) that suit their needs. We believe science can be the solution to all kinds of problems, so we decide to solve our clients’ tech problems (safety, security, electricity, and others) with the best technological products and services.

Jydolet Technologies

Jydolet Technologies is a registered security solutions company involved in information technology infrastructures and installation of solar inverters in Nigeria and was integrated to quench the needs of Nigerians and the entire Africa continent for safety, security, and electricity and I.T. infrastructures, comfort, and investment-worthy environment. And these needs can be met only with the utilization of smart technologies. Technological inventions such as access control systems, access control technologies, door access control, and access control security systems are competent in eliminating security, electricity etc. We proffer solutions to other life challenges such as insurgency, electricity failure, terrorism, data or information fraud, and other illegal activities through technology driving security access control systems.

Furthermore, Jydolet Technologies was incorporated to eliminate insecurity and electricity problems and make life easy through technology and scientific models in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The dream to solve people’s challenges in getting the best innovative technological products and services, to enhance living and business operations gave birth to Jydolet Technologies in 2003, later registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission in July 2020. General Nature of Business: Electrical, Solar & Inverter, Services, Sales & Maintenance of Security System, General Contracts & Merchandise. Our head office is No 39, Agunfoye Road, Off Adamo, Bus-Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

However, Jydolet Technologies is breeding toward becoming top-rated Africa’s most incorporated technology brand for safety, electricity, security, and information technology infrastructures. And indeed, we are pushing hard to partner with technology manufacturing organizations across the globe to attain a seal of proof accord with Jydolet Technologies for the installation, sales, design, repair, and maintenance of their products in Nigeria and Africa.

Jydolet Technologies has built and expanded its customer base through the cleverness of its founder and the remarkable labour of its loyal employees. Our loyal retained and potential customers include schools, banks, government agencies, businesses, commercial and residential buildings, e.t.c. 

Ideally, the company is aimed to provide the best technological products and services that satisfy the people’s needs for electricity, safety, security, and information technology infrastructures. The company is aimed to help businesses build a technological and profitable business compound to maximize production for a good ROI (return on investment) and provide effective and efficient services for the public.

In addition, our company has made it a primary goal to offer excellent customer service through best practices. We ensure building and retaining mutual relationships with our workers, investor, customer, government, and other stakeholders. We are always willing and happy to be part of our client’s success tales through our world-class products and services.

Our Values And Auras

Our Why

We believe in technology and that the world should be easy and worth living with technological advancement. We believe that safety, security, electricity, and other tech-problem should not stop you from achieving your business or personal goals. 

Our Mission

To provide world-class technology products and services for businesses and individuals to help enhance safety, security, and electricity systems and boost luxurious living. To help tech-users enjoy the technology advancement.

Our Vision

To be the African world’s premier brand in the technology industry that provides businesses and individuals with the best technological solutions and to become a top-rated tech security system provider you can ever trust.

Our Projects

Design, Installation and Configuration.

Installation of Four (4) Lanes Speed Gate Turnstile
Installation of Two (2) Visitor Management Systems
Installation of One (1) Lane Speed Gate Turnstile
Installation of 2.4KW Solar Panel for 5KVA 48V Inverter
What We Do
Our ultimate goal is not just a goal. But a better you and safe, comfortable environment worth living in.

We are creating a safe and easy-to-live world by providing people with the best access control security, access control technologies, and other technological products and services. We are building on the mission to enhance security with the best access control security systems and electricity with access control systems such as inverters and also give you the best access control technologies.  At Jydolet Technologies, your safety, security, and electricity needs will be satisfied with our access control security systems, access control installations, access control technologies, access control installers, and other tech solutions. You should invest your effort and time in other things while we care for your technological needs.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

Jydolet Technologies is a registered Security, IT & Solar Power company that provides a range of services including CCTV Installation, Access Control, Solar Inverter, Networking and much more. We offer tailored solutions, expert support and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

100% Guarantee

Jydolet Technologies offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products and services, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your needs.

Quality Material

Jydolet Technologies is committed to using only highest quality materials in our products and services. We believe that using quality materials long - lasting solutions that meet the highest standards. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the best possible solutions using top - quality materials.

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